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Speaker Services
We offer speaker services for your event, training seminars or conference.  Read below to find out why we should be at your next convention, conference, trade show, corporate workshop, training seminar or service club event.



Rosiland Bivings                                                                 

Speaker, Presenter, Producer, Author                        Email:  info@womengolfers.com

                                                                                          Web:  http://www.womengolfers.com

Rosiland Bivings, spent years in the corporate world of finance before escaping to realize her own ambitious dreams.  Her love of writing fanned the flames of her first entrepreneurial endeavor, not only to publish her works but also inspire others to write and publish their works.

She developed and produced The Women’s Pages, a directory listing women-owned and managed businesses serving the San Francisco Peninsula and Silicon Valley.  The publication was a target resource for women consumers and business advertisers throughout Northern California.  The Women’s Pages’ seventh and final edition was published in June 2000.

Her passion for golf that would take her to the next level of entrepreneurship.  She created Fore Women Golfers, a half hour televised golf series aimed at the growing market of women golfers—a West Coast first.  Through public access television, Bivings provides golf tips, inspiring interviews with celebrity golf professionals, and first-hand course reviews with the legendary Phantom Golfer.  Some of her guests have included Hall of Famer Juli Inkster, LPGA Founder Betty Hicks and LPGA Tour Player Dorothy Delesin.

Bivings knew that more women were becoming acquainted with golf, but only a small percentage stayed with the game.  She embarked on a mission to enhance the field for women golfers and began organizing tournaments and travel trips for women in the Bay Area.

One of her creations was the Northern California Women’s Corporate Open with more than 25 of Silicon Valley’s largest corporations send their golfing women employees to participate. This event has raised thousands of dollars for local nonprofit women’s organizations.

Bivings’ corporate and professional background, combined with her extensive knowledge of golf, places her in a unique position.  She is much sought after as a speaker, on topics ranging from golf as a sport and business to diversity and awareness to motivating youth to follow their dreams. Companies are taking advantage of her motivational messages for their employees.  She is a member of New York’s Women Sports Foundation Speakers Bureau and other professional organizations.

Rosiland Bivings has been recognized for her work with several prestigious awards, including the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce Athena Award, Business & Professional Women (BPW) Woman of Achievement and the Carter G. Woodson Award for Service to the Community.  Fore Women Golfers Television received the Bay Area Cable Excellence Award (BACE) in 1997 for Best Talk Show Series in Northern California.

She is available for speaking engagements, conventions, trade shows, seminars, business and corporate retreats and special appearances nationwide.               



What others are saying about Speaker & Presenter, Rosiland Bivings…..


“Rosiland has a wide array of topics, which enables her to be flexible and responsive to the needs of her audience.  Her story is an inspiration to all women for business or life.”


·         S. Carol Olson, former CEO & President of the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce


In October 2000, The Women’s Sports Foundation in New York invited Rosiland Bivings to join the Foundation’s national Speakers’ Bureau.  Its speaker list include founder and tennis legend, Billie Jean King, Olympian and WNBA star Lisa Leslie and LPGA Hall of Famer Julie Inkster. 


“By hiring speakers like Rosiland Bivings, you not only get a great speaker, but a very positive and uplifting message.  In our case, it’s supportive of women and girls in sports. ”



·         Dr. Donna Lopiano, Women’s Sports Foundation New York, Former Executive Director



 “Rosiland Bivings was well worth the time and money.  Inspiring, motivating, visionary.”


·         Dr. Thomas Hyland of Capitola, CA, in attendance at one of Bivings seminars.


“I don’t care what color you are, sex you are, political party you belong to, city you live in or school you have attended or profession you work in.  You will learn and be changed in the way you see the world in every way.  This was a great investment for me.”


·         David Myers, Residential Interior Designer—David Myers Design Company, San Francisco




If you are interested in having Rosiland Bivings present at your next event, please contact her via email at info@womengolfers.com.  Please indicated type of event, date of event and location.

Speaker fees are applicable. 


Seminar Topics


Topics can be used for Golf Events, Business Seminars, Team and Management Training, Women Targeted Training & Focus and Business & Recreational Events.


The content of our presentation can be customized to fit your event.  Choose from the list below or contact us to discuss new titles.  All Titles and Content are Copyrighted.


Corporate/Business  Conventions Trades Shows about Golf and Sports

  • The Business of Golf

  • Using Golf As A Marketing Tool in the 21st Century (for Women & Men)

  •  Women Golfers Are Real Golfers

  •  Invite Your Client to Golf

  •  Your Biggest Client Plays Golf. Now What?

  •  Women Consumers- Golfers and Otherwise

  •  Before There Was Tiger, The History of African American Golfers

  •  Corporate Team Building Using Golf

  • Confidence in the Workplace or the Golf Course

 Workshop/Seminar Business & Keynote Convention Conference Trade Show Topics

  • Burning Down the Clubhouse—breaking the stereotypes in the workplace

  • Quit Waiting for an Invitation—getting ahead by taking risk

  • Entertaining the Brutes—where do you take your male colleagues for fun

  • If I Want to Know Your Opinion, I Will Tell You—a lighthearted look at dealing with toxic personalities at work  and at life

  • Changing Times—do you find change an opportunity or threatening?

  • Fear of Flying—what should you fear from success?  Nothing and Everything.

  • I Know What You Did Last Night—developing personal relationships away from work.

We have Presentations and Seminars that provide and support the following:


Team Building                     Confidence                           Empowerment


Marketing Skills               Keynote Address                Motivational Messages




Contact us at info@womengolfers.com



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