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Now you can give your e-mail address some character and make it more memorable...not to mention more fun! This special offer from Fore Women Golfers lets you have your own e-mail address using the "womengolfers.com" name.

For example, you could have: "mary@womengolfers.com", or "msmith@womengolfers.com", or "marys@womengolfers.com", or almost anything you'd like!

Check out the benefits of a "womengolfers.com" e-mail address:
  • A more distinctive, memorable, and fun e-mail address!
  • You can use it with an exisiting Internet/mail account! We'll forward your mail automatically!
  • Use it even if you don't have a computer; we can send your e-mail to your fax machine!
  • Get FREE setup of a new Internet account with FWG's Internet Service Provider, SQUISH Internet Services
  • It's easy to sign up; simply answer the questions below and then call, fax, or mail FWG, or sign up online at FWG's web site, http://www.womengolfers.com
  • It's a great bargain! E-mail accounts start at only $5 per month ($10 setup fee)

The types of E-mail accounts to choose from:
Type Details Cost
Forwarding address, for use with your current e-mail address We will create your "womengolfers.com" address, and set it to forward mail to your existing Internet/E-mail address. For example, say you have "marys2000@aol.com", we can create "marys@womengolfers.com", and set it to forward all incoming mail to "marys2000@aol.com". You could give out "marys@womengolfers.com" as your address, but you still only have to check your AOL mailbox. $5/mo.

$10 setup

E-Mail-to-FAX address This is useful for people who do not have a computer, but want to get e-mail. Your "womengolfers.com" mail will be sent right to your FAX machine. Of course, you will not be able to reply via e-mail, but you will still be able to get e-mail conveniently. $7/mo.

$10 setup

Address with a new Internet account If you don't have an Internet access account but want to get one, you can use this special offer to get a FREE setup ($25 value) on a new Internet access account with SQUISH Internet Services, the service provider of Fore Women Golfers. Your account includes World Wide Web access, access to your "womengolfers.com" mailbox, and more. $20/mo. for Internet acct.

$5/mo. for FWG e-mail

FREE setup

To sign up for a "womengolfers.com" e-mail address, please tell us:

Choose the type of e-mail account:
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Forwarding Address
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E-mail-to-FAX account
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E-mail address with new Internet account

Choose your preferred E-mail address name:
(for ex: "marys" = "marys@womengolfers.com")

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