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LPGA Teaching Professional Dori O'Rourke Brings New I-Swing Teaching Method to help women and men golfers play the game of a lifetime!  Order Your Video Now!


Don't be one of the 2 million people who give up golf each year. Instead, find your Instinctive Swing and enjoy a swing that is powerful, consistent and feels great! 

This groundbreaking video demonstrates the ONLY swing that fits you and your body perfectly - your Instinctive Swing. You won't find it by dabbling with different swing methods. Let renowned LPGA Teaching pro, Coach Dori O'Rourke, teach you the 3 simple steps of the I-Swing System and get you swinging the I-Swing way - instinctively! 

This comprehensive video includes:

* Getting Started with the I-Swing Coach - the best tool for the I-Swing System
* Coach Dori using the I-Swing System with students
* An interview with PGA Tour Legend, Lee Elder
* Humorous Outtakes
* And, so much more!

This video is guaranteed to help you improve your swing in the fastest, simplest, easiest way possible!

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